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Why Us

Tailor-made Service


WealthMax cutting edge is its one-window, customised service. Our approach is straightforward: Create tangible value for your blocked investment. The single-window service for transfer of shares and mutual funds, transmission of shares in the name of legal heir, demat of shares to unclaimed dividends, bonuses and split shares aims at maximising your wealth. We provide tailor-made service because we know each assignment requires a new solution. Each case is thoroughly researched as a unique case rather than providing a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Pleasure of Sharing


We, in Share WealthMax, do feel the pain you go through while try to bring back your money. Sorting out your problems of unclaimed investments is the job of experts. We are an expert, ready to walk with you with a smile. WealthMax acts as a bridge between you and the company and thus get the issues resolved. We take up your case with respective authorities, do all legwork, bear the pain of lengthy legal procedures for you. As soon as we enter an agreement, your hassle becomes ours. You can rest assured that we would walk extra miles to get your money back which you deserve so rightly.

Power of Knowledge


WealthMax has a dedicated team of professionals and researchers having niche experience in complex issues of unclaimed investments. The team is professional, dilligent and well-networked. It maintains a clear communication stream with you till the delivery of your precious investments in updated form. We have developed an extensive database consisting of details of rightful owners of shares and mutual funds who have not claimed their investments so far. In all, WealthMax has been doing pioneering job in unlocking valuable investments lying idle in the system.