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Transfer Of Shares/Mutual Fund


Transfer of shares means an act of transfer of title of share certificate from one person (transferor) to another (transferee). Transfer of shares is needed when one buys shares from secondary markets or holds shares in physical form. As per section 108 of the Companies Act 1956, submission of valid transfer deed is compulsory for transfer.

    An investor may face numerous problems while transferring shares to his name. Share Samadhan provides services to investors who encounter following problems:

    Mismatch of signature: Sometimes companies deny transfer of shares due to mismatch of the signature of the transferor in the transfer deed and specimen signature available in company records.
    Non-submission of transfer deed:The buyer has paid the consideration but has not submitted the transfer deed with the company. Consequently, as per the company records, the shares still remain in the seller’s name.
    Loss of share certificates: A shareholder may loss share certificates, hence, denying him from valuable possession of his investments. The shareholder has to get duplicate share certificates in his or her name from the company.
    Mutilated share certificates: Due to wear and tear of share certificates sometimes they get mutilated causing problem in share transfer.


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